Guylain Constantineau and Marc L’Heureux, two people who are passionate about horses and devoted to the development of the Canadian horse purebred, founded Tremblant Breeders.in 2004.

Tremblant Breeders is a labor of love and the realization of a life long dream.   Both avid equestrians, Guylain and Marc have collaborated on the development of this project to preserve the Canadian purebred line and to offer this remarkable animal to others.

Located in the quiet village of Brebeuf that lies in the heart of Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains, Tremblant Breeders is just a few kilometers outside the resort area of Mont Tremblant and sits on a sprawling ranch that covers over one-hundred and seventy acres.  Complete with well-equipped and immaculate stables, extensive training areas, open grazing, both open and covered feeding areas, fresh well-fed watering stations and extensive riding terrain, Tremblant Breeders provides an ideal environment for its young horses to play, grow and be nurtured throughout their development phase.

Their primary goal is to breed versatile horses who are a pleasure to handle.

What is a Canadian horse?

The Canadian horse has a strong constitution and is a very versatile animal well suited for riding as well as teamwork.  Its proud character and calm temperament make the Canadian horse an ideal companion.  Although it is at home in the rough Quebec winters, it is a very adaptable and is well suited to almost any climate.

Our history books tell us that the Canadian horse was first introduced into what was then New France in July 1665.  The first load of twelve horses was sent by King Louis XIV, the first of which were given to religious orders and to men with an avid interest in agriculture.  A contract obligated these new horse owners to maintain them and to return one foal every three years to pass on to someone else who was then bound by the same conditions of care and reproduction.  This much regimented breeding system allowed or their rapid development in the new French colony.

From 1665 to 1793, the horse population in New France grew from twelve to 14,000.  For almost a hundred years thereafter, the Canadian horses multiplied in a closed environment without the benefit of outside bloodlines.  It is believed that by the mid 1800’s their population numbered as high as 150,000. Their common source, lack of cross breeding and their rapid reproduction created a particular genetic group creating a unique breed of Canadian horse.

However, due to a number of adverse circumstances, by 1990, there were fewer than 250 Canadian horses in Canada and the breed was on the edge of extinction.  With the help of dedicated horse breeders such as Tremblant Breeders, the Canadian horse population is growing and now numbers approximately 3,000. 

Tremblant Breeders is a member of The Canadian Horse Breeders Association, an important organization founded in 1895 with the mission to conserve and improve the Canadian horse.  The Canadian Horse Breeders Association has replaced the old tradition of tattooing the inside of a horses lip as an identifier with microchip technology that insures that integrity of the bloodline of each Canadian horse.   Each of our newborn foals is micro-chipped at birth and registered with the Canadian Horse Breeders Association.

Each of our special Canadian horses helps this important bloodline grow and endure for future generations.

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